Today we’re chatting to Belinda Bartholomew of The Holistic Bridal Retreat

Belinda and her husband Hugo created the Holistic Bridal retreat in 2017 after noticing an increased Dopamine addiction in brides.

This worrying outbreak predominantly caused by their Pinterest Boards not receiving the following they deserve are causing mental breakdowns in the likes of the well-known supermarket produce aisles.

Belinda and Hugos personal experience led them to launch The Holistic Bridal Retreat in Somerset.  Today they are speaking exclusively to Wedi-Quette about their exciting venture which has been slated as………………

“The Biggest thing to Rock the Wedding industry in recent years”

Belinda says it was quite disturbing when we first noticed it, It was a sunny day in June, myself and Hugo were down the local supermarket where Hugo was simply trying to reach for the Quinoa and suddenly out of nowhere this woman in her late 20’s (very well dressed) literally thrust her iPhone in his face and demand a response from Hugo as she challenged………….. “would you not be inspired by this board?!”

Hugo was understandably quite shaken from the confrontation, after all it’s not what you expect in the Quinoa aisle, I could understand it if we were in the scrummage of the whoopsies! Hugo needed a break so while I calmed the young lady who was now on the floor rocking herself,  he and took solace in the café with a flat white and a vegan brownie.

When we returned home later that day, we couldn’t stop reliving the experience and thinking about it.  There had to be something that could help this young lady, while we researched we discovered this addiction is a pandemic and stems from Dopamine, a natural high which is often released from social media likes and follows.  With technology changing this is becoming a real issue particularly in competitive brides, in previous times this was referred to as Bridezillas however the dopamine addiction seems to be far worse as my poor Hugo experienced.

We’re got to thinking and as we are quite lucky as we have quite a bit of land surrounding our home in Somerset, we felt the time was to put this to good use and create the retreat to help these poor lost souls. 

The retreat is there to assist brides and help them cope with their lack of following and likes on Pinterest/Instagram and other social media channels. We hold sessions to help them with key life skills which they seem to have lost during their Dopamine addiction moments.

Session 1 – 0))–))crayola))–))>

Session 1 is focussed on getting back to the core, connecting with our creativity.

We teach them how to use crayons to sketch their ideas on whitewashed mdf wood, this is so they learn that rather than stealing other people’s ideas to embrace their own creativity.

If we notice a bride copy another’s then the original creator gets to hit the “copier” with their board 3 times to teach each other a lesson! 

At the start of the retreat there are boards flying everywhere but at the end of the time we’re working in harmony.

Session 2 – Ewe’r Making My Dreams Come True!

Another of our favourite sessions are when we all go to the sheep field, we are lucky enough that farmer Jim allows us to top up our own sheep with some of his!  

In the sheep field we have the freedom to run, we teach the brides that in life we should chase the the sheep rather than follow them!

I get rather involved shouting to our brides ‘be yourselves, dance in the moonlight and they shall follow’! 

After several hours the sheep begin to follow them, of course we then need to deal with the outcries when all the sheep follow one bride rather than an even spread!


Every morning there are morning meditation sessions, a time for everyone to channel their inner zen. These sessions work particularly well for forgiveness following the mdf board hitting from session 1.

During these sessions we command our vision to stylish taste, for that daily focus.

This is where we are to be at one and harmony of who we are as individuals, chanting,…………………


I don’t need to pin it,

I don’t need to pin it,

I don’t need to pin it!

Burn Baby Burn

The retreat is rounded off with the burning ceremony of all things pink and sparkly.

We dance around the fire singing……

‘rustic was over 5 years ago, my ideas are original and agree to be at one with ourselves’.

Normally our guests are a little peeved when they discover that Hugo has been down the local market with all the phones we confiscated at the beginning and has managed to pawn them all!

We are kind enough to give them the pawn tickets so they can go and pay to retrieve them, it’s just another life lesson! 

Always read your T&C’s!!

And finally…………………..

If you would like to join Belinda & Hugo on their retreat please do let us know where you find it as today is April Fools day and of course this is a joke!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this and it has given you a little chuckle, feel free to share with any dopamine addicted brides to be or anyone with a sense of humour!

Until next time………………

Lots of Love,

Team Wedi-Quette xxx

Photography Credits: Kate Dixon | Unsplash


Dopamine addiction like any other addiction is of course no laughing matter and if you feel you need help with anything please do speak out, people care let’s look after one another, mental health matters.