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We were sick of seeing “cookie cutter” sites full of Pink, Sparkly and Mass-Produced items.

Wedi-Quette brings you the best Makers/Designers creating stunning hand made products!

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How to: Hire the perfect Make-up Artist for your wedding

When planning a wedding there is always so much to think about, but ask yourself this one simple question – how much time and thought have you put into your beauty regime and makeup for the day?  Many brides put this at the bottom of the “to-do” list and then realise they should have thought about it months ago.

The earlier you start thinking about makeup the better, it’s never too early when you’re planning a wedding!

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Ways to keep your Musicians Happy, whilst getting exactly what you want!

When selecting a musician/musicians for your wedding, it’s important to consider what you want, the feeling, the atmosphere you want to create.It’s important to select the right music you want, today Hannah the Harp tells us ways to keep your musicians happy, whilst getting exactly what you want!
Today she will share her top 10 tips for planning a destination wedding.

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Wedding Day Bingo

We’ve all been there, the wedding breakfast and the old cliches are rolling out and someone makes a joke of how it could be a bingo or drinking game!Be one step ahead at your next wedding! Print off the Wedi-Quette Bingo/drinking cards!  First one to hear them all shout/slur house!!Let the games commence!

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Wedding Photography Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to weddings sometimes it’s great to give your guests a little helping hand with the candid camera photo shots.For one, there are those moments everyone else sees but we miss. capturing these moments when least expected can add to the fun of the day, they can often be the most gorgeous shots,

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