Jenna McDonald
16 East High Street, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 3AF 07581876914 [email protected]
Jenna McDonald Jewellery

Jenna McDonald Jewellery Metalwork Design

Jenna McDonald is the creator of Jenna McDonald Jewellery and owner of Tangled Up In Blue Boutique Studio based in Crieff, Perthshire. This is where Jenna creates her contemporary jewellery and metalwork handcrafted from anodised aluminium and sterling silver.
Jenna’s love of colour is what drives her passion for contemporary jewellery design and she uses this to create bold and vibrant collections of jewellery. Her fascination with colour has come from a lifelong appreciation of our natural surroundings, from lush Scottish landscapes and tranquil seascapes to the vivid hues and patterns found in flora and fauna. Discovering a medium like aluminium has allowed Jenna to explore the use of colour and form in a fun and experimental way. By using various anodising techniques she can achieve multiple colour combinations, patterns and textures which has limitless possibilities and potential. Due to its lightweight and versatile qualities, Jenna can create statement pieces of jewellery which have presence and style whilst remaining comfortable to wear. Combining silver in her designs not only adds an element of preciousness but encourages further design developments and inspires Jenna to express new creative possibilities.

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