Kingsford Kraft
Kingsford Kraft is a small start-up business in the village of Alford. The idea came purely from the love of gin.  Our handcrafted gin kits are built with care right from the kitchen, in the lovely Kingsford Steadings. Gin in Scotland has experienced a revival in the last couple of years, jut about matching Scotch whisky and whilst we believe it is a treat to go out and sample a great G&T, from experience, there is something just as satisfying about making your own gin at home. This business start-up was formed in the second half of 2017 by two like-minded ladies who love to sip on a glass of gin whilst enjoying all things crafty, both ladies love a bit of sewing, baking and making things whilst spending time at home with the family. There are two flavours - Pear and Cinnamon and Lime and Mint, both have been developed through favourite tastes. Kingsford Kraft gin kits are designed as a gift or can be brought just as a special treat for someone that loves to get creative at home.

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