Phranbes Bow Ties
Phranbes Bow Ties is a luxury, British menswear brand specialising in handcrafted antique and vintage bow ties. With its creator trained as a 21st century designer but its creative inspiration taken from eras of the past, Phranbes pulls together the threads of creativity throughout history. All aspects of the Phranbes brand are inspired by design from history, from its unique logo reminiscent of a Dickensian tailor, to its signature presentation boxes produced using techniques first introduced during the Industrial Revolution. The bow ties themselves are produced using antique flags, vintage bunting, old flour sacks, used coin bags, modern vintage inspired fabrics and even reproduced fabrics using antique book covers as inspiration. Each bow tie can be categorised into one of four collections: Antique, Vintage, Modern or Reproduction. Antique bow ties use fabrics that are roughly 70 years old such as flags, scarves and bunting from the second world war or earlier. Vintage bow ties are made from fabrics roughly 20 to 70 years old like old post office coin bags and flour sacks. Modern bow ties are still inspired by history but are sourced from modern day suppliers still producing fabric prints such as William Morris prints. Reproduction bow ties are specially printed for Phranbes using imagery from old book covers or advertising posters from before the last century. Each bow tie is carefully hand crafted by Phranbes creator, Chris, in his studio in rural Shropshire. Due to the nature of the “found” element of many of the fabrics, it means that the majority of our bow ties come in limited edition runs or are one of a kind creations.

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